smart.t AG

Friendly, flexible, pragmatic and qualified

Experts in our core topics

Creativity and innovation in a global context. Our team is the heartbeat of our company and embodies the essence of our mission and values. We are proud to be a dynamic and highly skilled group of professionals from different cultures and nationalities, all pulling together to achieve outstanding results.

Andrea Gergen

CEO | Management Consultant

IT / Business Strategy and Architecture | Business Development | Business Change Management | Innovation and Research | Risk and Compliance | Identity and Access Management

Urs Huber

CIO | Management Consultant

IT Strategy and Architecture | Business Development | Business Change Management | Innovation and Research | Identity and Access Management

Christian Serra

Partner | Senior Cyber Security Consultant

Cyber Security Strategy - Concepts and Implementation | Cyber Security Academy | Cyber Security Consulting | Vulnerability Analyses | Crisis Management and Communication

Yannis Gergen

Project Management Office | Change und Kommunikation

Digital Communication | UI/UX Design | SEO Content Management | SEA Campaign Management | Shop Optimization | Quality Management and Administration

Nico Agnello

Lead | UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design | Graphic Design and Illustration Expert | Corporate Identity and Design | Icon Design | Visual Design

Thorsten Bopp

Senior IT | Business Analyst

IT / Business Analyse | Product Owner | Prozess Management | Requirements Engineer für Application Design und Software Development 

Michael Fuchs

Senior IT | Business Analyst

IT / Business Analyse | Product Owner | Projektleiter | Risk & Compliance | Identity und Access Management | Cyber Security Strategie | Requirements Engineer für Application Design und Software Development

Paul Patel

Senior IT | Business Analyst

IT / Business Analyse | Product Owner | Prozess Management | Requirements Engineer für Application Design und Software Development | Identity und Access Management

Our vision and what we stand for

Our cultural diversity allows us to incorporate global perspectives into our projects. We value the different perspectives in our team and foster an open, respectful and inclusive work environment. Our cross-cultural collaboration, with teams in Switzerland, Germany and Romania, inspires us to find innovative solutions and overcome complex challenges.

We leverage our diverse talents and expertise to deliver best-in-class solutions. We believe that our customers with our team are the key to success on both sides. In an ever-changing world, we believe this makes a real difference.

We are not just a team, but a family that supports each other and grows together. We look forward to good and value-added customer projects.

With whom we work passionately


Digital Transformaton

Conception, design and implementation of webshops for retail clients (B2B and B2C). Successful transformation of a physical store into a digital presence with focus on customer growth and increasing customer loyalty through an innovative design and user-friendly layout.

Implementation of online marketing campaigns with Google Ads and social media channel management.  

Our mandate:

UI / UX design, graphic design, product presentation, store development and optimization, payment automation, connection to customer management. 


Re-design for machine control

UX/UI Design

UX design, prototyping and visual design of entire plant control systems in the manufacturing industry (cable production, grain processing, sanitary products) for various application areas. Concept design and visual design of user interfaces of various machines and mobile apps.
Development of high-fidelity prototypes for control extension.

Our mandate:

UX and visual design machine control, icon library, prototyping, design systemcontrol extension.

Identity and Access Management

Cyber security & compliance management 

Implementation of a customized identity and access management solution. After the evaluation of the current IT landscape, a needs analysis and planning, the implementation of the IAM* software followed. In parallel, governance was set up, taking into account all regulatory requirements, and the new processes were rolled out to the organization by means of business transformation management.

*Identity and Access Management

Our mandate:

IT Solution Architecture Analysis, Application Design and Development, Business Transformation, Product Management, Project Management

Merger and Acquisition


Consolidation of IT architectures and business processes into one company after several acquisitions. The focus was on creating the strategic target image and defining and planning the associated activities for harmonizing the IT systems. Ensuring the ongoing business activities was a must in this context.

With the acquisition of companies, the optimization of customer processes as well as cost optimization in the operation of the IT infrastructure are usually expected.

Our mandate:

Management consulting, IT solution architecture (analysis and definition), project management, supplier and contract management, team management, IT transformation, organizational management, documentation and implementation of requirements, performance and cost statements

Digitalisierung im Gesundheitsw­esen

Digital transformation & app development

Development and implementation of an innovative, integrated as well as sustainable mobile and web application introducing the electronic patient record. This included the integration of the emergency passport, a document management solution, registration, login, and multifactor authentication (MFA) processes as well as authorization management including certification based on BSI (Federal Office for Security (DE)) standards. Furthermore, the IT strategy was analyzed regarding global feasibility, cloud capabilities considering time zones, ensuring compliance and data security for the customer as well as responsible associated and carrier companies. The products and services of the Electronic Patient Record (authorization, deputy regulations, automated allocation of services, SLAs) were defined in a business framework supported by a product management process and, after successful introduction, handed over to the operational business iteratively by prioritization.

Our mandate:

Strategy consulting, management consulting, definition of the self-services within the framework of a business framework, evaluation of the cost-benefit ratio, development of the software product, support of the certification at the BSI, support of the market launch.

Risk Management

Risk & Compliance Management

Development and implementation of a robust risk and compliance based management framework according to your business requirements incorporating best practices and standard controls (NIST- / ISO- / BSI-catalog). Today, this foundation is used to ensure that risks can be identified and assessed so that the targeted implementation of mitigating measures and controls sustainably strengthens the company's digital security posture.

Our mandate:

IT security assessment, definition of compliance requirements, creation of a standard risk catalog as well as a standard control system, definition and roll-out of governance processes, business analysis, project management